Kyler’s the boss of her own brand

When Kyler Ford came to Bootcamp, she was Jessica Vaughan.

While she never truly disliked the name her parents gave her, she soon realized that striking out on her own to launch her business would be significantly easier with a new moniker.

“There are more than 300 ‘Jessica Vaughan’s’ on LinkedIn already,” she pointed out.

Still, why the big change?

Jessica came to Bootcamp six months into a job search that wasn’t yielding any real results. “I’d been freelancing as a writer on the side, holding out for a full-time job I would love,” Kyler told me, but that job never materialized.

“Instead of waiting for my dream job – I’m creating it,” says Kyler. twitter_button

Previously, Kyler didn’t see her freelancing as a potential business opportunity, even though it centered on the work she likes most – writing!

“Entrepreneurship seemed like something for other people,” she confessed, “I was an English major!” It wasn’t until Bootcamp that Kyler allowed herself to own what she wanted most: to make her side hustle her main source of income. It was time to get serious about making her work work for her.

So she did her homework, surrounded herself with a community of like-minded ladies, and got real about her marketing plans – starting with a name change!

Kyler took her personal brand into her own hands – without apology.

“Bootcamp was a catalyst for me,” says Kyler, “There are lots of conferences and trainings out there, but this was the first that focused on my life and my business, with women at my age and my stage in figuring it all out – together.”

She’s living a Bossed Up life focused equally on business and staying balanced. “I have become very deliberate about balance,” says Kyler, “your life and your business have to coexist.”

She’s even taken on a new growth hobby: learning to play guitar. It’s a constant reminder of her that starting anything new can be intimidating, “but you can only learn one chord at a time.”

You can learn more about Kyler Ford’s writing and content marketing business at and see her latest piece – highlighting Bossed Up, no less! – in Tagg Magazine here.

I can’t wait to see where this well-branded boss takes life next.

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