How Maria Gave Up Burnout for Balance

Maria is outspoken and loves to give all she can. She’s a friend to all, a passionate advocate for others, and loves to serve those close to her and community.  However, she hit a point this past year when she realized she was giving so much of herself, that there wasn’t anything left for her at the end of the day.

Between juggling a high stress career and dealing with dysfunctional relationships, she stopped taking care of herself. Like many of us, Maria was stretched too thin, and found herself teetering on the brink of burnout.

Read on to hear how Maria learned to pay attention to life’s red flags, and made some big changes.

Emilie: Hi Maria! Tell me a bit about what you do.

Maria: I’m in the non-profit legal field. In my job, I regulate tax-exempt organizations for the government. I love what I do now, but work in my field can be very stressful.

E: I see that. What brought you to Bossed Up Bootcamp?

M: It shocked me when I said it out loud, but I realized that the experiences that led me to Bossed Up Bootcamp all boiled down to me not valuing myself. I was completely burnt out, and felt defeated.

E:  What were some of the signs?

M: It was towards the end of a few years of hell. I was working hard in a high-stress job with no training. My personal life involved me trying desperately to make it work with a troubled man that I loved and cared for more than myself. Lastly, I missed my friends and family on the West Coast and found DC to be harsh and alienating.

E: Especially for over-achieving enthusiasts like us, it’s easy to risk our own longevity by burning out. What impact do you feel Bossed Up Bootcamp has had on your progress?

M: I was so used to being able to push through and get results, but I realized that going through life ignoring red flags, putting myself second, and sacrificing my physical and mental health for work just wasn’t the recipe for success. We started off with a vision exercise that really set the mood. It made me excited to see that by taking care of myself, I could still live out my passion for justice and helping others. It was the jump-start I needed to set my priorities and go back to basics.

E: That’s great, boss! How have you been since Bossed Up Bootcamp?

M: I have made a lot of big changes and moved forward towards my vision. I broke up with my boyfriend, moved in with a roommate, started journaling, therapy, and setting boundaries with family, so I can prioritize travel and time for myself. I’ve found that getting in touch with who I am and making it a priority has made me a calmer, happier person, and more alert and satisfied in my job. I feel hopeful and inspired again.

E: Rad! What advice do you have for other women navigating a choice moment like yours?

M: I’d say this: Life is about living for today, in whatever way that fuels you. Make it happen and don’t put it off for anyone – you will not regret it!

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