How Deanna Got Fearlessly Fit

As a young professional, it was all too easy for Deanna to get stuck on the happy hour train. You know the one I’m talking about.

It’s Friday. It’s 5 o’clock. You’ve been stuck behind your desk all week. Everyone’s heading either home or to happy hour. Aren’t you?

For years Deanna was waiting. Waiting for something or someone to cause her to change things up.  Waiting for an invitation to do something else. For her friend to take up a fun new hobby and drag her along. She was waiting for someone to make her own priorities a priority.

“I was wasting my time, I was just swirling,” she says.

Inertia is powerful that way. Our environments constrain our choices in huge, but often silent ways.

At Bossed Up Bootcamp, however, Deanna reclaimed her agency.

She got back in touch with her love of fitness through Dance Trance, our fitness sponsor that led our Sunday workout class at Bootcamp, and who we’ve teamed up with tonight to offer a Friday Night #netWORKOUT Dance Party.

After years of complacency, Deanna joined Dance Trance just as they kicked off a 60-day challenge. Whoever went to the most classes in those 60 days would win free classes for a few months.

“It was hard at first,” says Deanna. “It’s time-consuming to commit more of your everyday schedule to something you’ve been putting off for years.”

But once she got on the path to a happier, healthy, and more sustainable lifestyle, she couldn’t quit. She went on to win the 60-day challenge and is still dancing about 4 times a week. She’s shed a total of 30 pounds and is feeling more healthy, energized, and stronger than ever.

Deanna’s strength in body has led to strength in confidence as well.

After an unexpected layoff, she traveled abroad to job-search from the beaches of Puerto Rico instead of feeling depressed and anxious about her situation from her apartment in DC. “It turns out, it was actually more cost-effective to sneak off to Puerto Rico and sublet out my apartment than it would have been if I’d stayed,” she shared, “and I landed a new while I was down there contract too!”

While that contract has since ended, Deanna’s facing these uncertain times with confidence and composure. “I don’t feel scared,” she told me.

What advice does she have for other women feeling burnt out and complacent? Get started now. “Just start doing what you really want to do,” says Deanna, “in whatever small steps you can. Don’t wait.”

As we say in the Bossed Up Manifesto, “Recognize life’s inflection points and make choices mindfully.”

Many thanks to Deanna for reminding us all: you are the boss of your life.

Are you ready to step up as the boss of your life?

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