How a Community of Courage Helped Charlotte Make The Leap

Charlotte was living a comfortable enough life at a steady job of two years in fundraising. She had a great group of coworkers and managers and believed in the mission or her organization, but she just wasn’t engaged in her role.

With a growing desire for something new, she decided to take a risk and began exploring a new field.

After leveraging her network, she found an opportunity that would take her way outside her comfort zone, but was much more in line with her passions and strengths.

Read on to see how Charlotte learned the value of daring big and taking risks.

Emilie: Congrats on the career shift, boss! Tell us about it.

Charlotte: Thank you! I recently left my position in fundraising for a fellowship focused in education policy with the DC state education department. The fellowship is temporary, but it’s with an organization I am so excited to work for, and gets me on the path to pursue other opportunities to make a difference on the issues I care most about. The job I left was with an organization and coworkers I loved, but it just wasn’t the right fit. This fellowship was the right next step to get back to working on what I’m most passionate about.

E: Good for you for being aware of what you need to be sustainably successful. So is that how you ended up joining us at Bossed Up Bootcamp?

C: I was totally committed and ready to invest in making my career one I loved, and I decided to take the time and invest in myself in the process. I had attended many events focused on career development, but most of them narrowly focused on work. I was intrigued by Bossed Up Bootcamp‘s focus on wellness and relationships in addition to work.  It was a game-changer. It was so unique because it helped me level up on every aspect of my life.

E: Awesome. So glad to hear it! How did you decide the make the big leap?

C: Leaving a secure job for any temporary role is extremely nerve-wracking. But Bossed Up Bootcamp reminded me that risk-taking is essential for developing my leadership identity and really, for pursuing any big goal. It also reminded me how important it is to reach out to people and ask for help: before I made my shift, I leveraged my network for advice much more deliberately than I had in the past. These conversations made the decision crystal-clear, and they reinforced the importance of connecting to a community of like-minded women for support and inspiration.

E: That’s wonderful to hear, boss. What advice do you have for other women going through a choice moment like you faced?

C: Ask for help! I confided in people I trust and their advice helped me recognize this opportunity for all that it is. Without my community of courage, I likely would not have made the move and might have remained in my old position, which was comfortable but not what i really wanted. Cultivating a strong network of supporters can make “risky” life choices seem a lot less daunting.


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