From Finance to Flambé: How Eva Made a Savory Career Switch

After 10 years of routine days at work, Eva’s paycheck was no longer providing her the happiness she needed to be sustainably successful.

Eva knew she needed a change, and ended up spending years preparing her pivot. While holding down her day job in finance, she went to culinary school, graduated, and launched her own business on the side.

I caught up with Eva to see how she made the big shift.

Emilie: Congrats on your new business! Tell us about what you do.
Eva: I’m a Personal Chef for Epicurean Element, where I help people become a better, healthier version of themselves through quality foods. To me, food is medicine.

EA: Very cool, and when did this passion of yours start?
E:  I began cooking at the age of 8, and loved every minute of it. After working in finance for 10 years, my paycheck was big but I just wasn’t happy. So while still working full-time, I finally decided to indulge my dream and go to culinary school.

EA: Right on! Was it hard going back to school?
E: Culinary school was a challenge because I wasn’t 18 years old, and my classmates were mostly young men. But I didn’t let being an outlier bog me down or distract from my focus. During my time there, I completed a beautiful portfolio and business plan. The day after graduation, I decided to leave the finance world and launch Epicurean Element.

EA: Incredible, boss! What impact do you feel Bossed Up Bootcamp has had on your progress?
E: The biggest impact was to meet like-minded women that struggle with many of the same issues that I face.  After Bossed Up Bootcamp  I continued to meet up with my accountability buddy. She keeps me on my toes and is vested in my success, and I do the same for her. During the weekend, I organized my goals and dreams and I’m happy to announce that exactly 60 days afterwards, while using the Bossed Up LifeTracker, I achieved a huge goal of mine – I launched a new course that teaches how to prepare meals, save money on groceries, cook on a budget, and eat your way to a healthier you.

EA: Accountability is key – congratulations! What advice would you give to other women like you?
E: My personal motto is: the difference between a dream and a goal is a timeline and a decision. You must first decide if you want to live with a dream like everyone else or if you are willing to make your dream a goal with a real action plan.

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