How This Veteran Owns Her Voice to Expand Her Impact

This post is part of a series recognizing the achievements of Bossed Up’s Boss of the Year nominees, in celebration of Bossed Up’s official #LaunchLikeABoss Launch Party July 24.

Ebony Johnson is a force to be reckoned with.

A 14-year Veteran of the United States Air Force, Senior Intelligence Analyst, and Political Consultant active in Maryland elections, Ebony knows a thing or two about navigating transition.

Part of her incredible resiliency stems from surviving traumatic assault at the tender age of 15. Growing up in Philadelphia, Ebony was attacked in broad daylight by a serial rapist 30 years her senior, as onlookers stood by, wary of “getting involved in a domestic issue.”

This act of senseless violence could have stood in Ebony’s way from living a full and happy life. But through her recovery, she turned to her faith and giving back through service to create positive change instead.

For these reasons and so many more, we’re thrilled to recognize Ebony among our 2014 Boss of the Year nominees, celebrating Bossed Up Bootcamp alumni who’ve most demonstrated what it means to cultivate a happy, healthy, and sustainable career.

Bossed Up Bootcamp has given me the confidence to use my voice,” says Ebony, who in just a month afterwards organized the first annual Prince George’s County Sexual Assault and Awareness forum, enabling critical communication between legislative officials, victims, and community advocates. “Thanks to the confidence and assertive communication skills I built up,” says Ebony, “I was able to not only find my voice but execute the plan.”

And she has some ambitious plans!

Over the next year, Ebony is partnering with community organizations to establish a sexual assault crisis center in Prince George’s County, MD, work with the Attorney General to improve the sexual assault policies on college campuses, and finally formulate and execute proper guidelines and procedures for better accountability with rape kits and their use in the prosecution of rape offenders.

Ebony says she is most passionate about inspiring others to accomplish their goals, always striving for the betterment of her community.

Show your support for Ebony with your vote for Boss of the Year on Twitter and Facebook: simply mention “Ebony” with the hashtag #LaunchLikeABoss to cast your vote, and join us to celebrate all our nominees and the many ways they’re launching their Bossed Up lives on Thursday July 24.


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