Progress on Nobody’s Timeline but Yours

This post is part of a series recognizing the achievements of Bossed Up’s Boss of the Year nominees, in celebration of Bossed Up’s official#LaunchLikeABoss Launch Party July 24.

Corinn is a California native and advocate for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. Ultimately, it’s her goal to become a prosecutor in sex crimes.

But her path to achieving that vision hasn’t been a straight line.

With an academic background in sociology and legal studies, and experience working as a litigation paralegal in environmental law, she’s currently taking the steps to make her way to law school and pursue her JD.

She recently earned her Master’s of Science in Legal Studies, and maintained a 4.0 GPA while working full-time.

As comedian Demetri Martin writes in his book, success is not a straight line from A to B, but rather a squiggly adventure full of starts and stops, steps forward and backwards.

We admire Corinn for the many ways she’s pursuing her passion and stepping towards her ultimate vision through the communities she belongs to aside from work.

“I take an active role in this field as a hotline volunteer and backup supervisor at the local Rape Crisis Center,” says Corinn, “And I’m also extremely passionate about women’s rights and policy affecting women and youth, which has driven my involvement in leadership roles with Women’s Information Network (WIN) for the past 4 years.”

And throughout her pursuit of her passions and constant drive towards self-improvement, Corinn doesn’t let anything stand in her way. “When I learned of Bossed Up Bootcamp,” she says, “it was not in my finances to attend.” Corinn immediately set out developing a program she calls “Sponsors for Scarves,” soliciting financial support from her robust community in exchange for beautiful custom scarves she crafts for each of her supporters. She’s even created a newsletter for those sponsors, detailing her time a Bootcamp and involvement with Bossed Up since.

“I’m ambitious,” says Corinn, “and always seeking out ways to improve on a personal and professional level. It is this same drive that led me to attend Bossed Up Bootcamp and since I’ve attended I’ve been able to redefine my vision along with the process and paths for achieving those goals.”

We’re thrilled to recognize Corinn for her continuous progress towards achieving her ultimate vision, as a nominee for Bossed Up’s Inaugural Boss of the Year.

Show your support for Corinn with your vote for Boss of the Year on Twitter and Facebook: simply mention “Corinn” with the hashtag #LaunchLikeABoss to cast your vote, and join us to celebrate all our nominees and the many ways they’re launching their Bossed Up lives on Thursday July 24.


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