How to Eat Healthy When Work is Crazy

It was 10 pm and I was staring blankly into the blue glow emanating from my laptop in my barren campaign offices. I had just wrapped up our evening phone bank after a day of events all across the state and because I didn’t have time for lunch I chowed down on a jumbo bag […]

My TEDx Talk: The Power of No

Last fall I had the pleasure of speaking on the TEDx stage at Southern New Hampshire University. With less than 18 minutes to explain what Bossed Up is all about, I chose to hone in on the most powerful 2-letter word I know: NO. Take a watch to kick-start your week with courage and share […]

How Rhonda Learned the Benefits of “Being Still”

Imagine this: you’ve interviewed for two jobs. Job #1 makes you an offer and you accept. Job #2 makes you an offer shortly after and sweetens the deal with a higher salary. A great problem to have, of course, but a problem nonetheless. What do you do? Rhonda says, you “be still.” Read on to f

When Action Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be

If you’re stressed, or overwhelmed, or worrying, or nervous, or feeling stuck… the very first thing I’d probably tell you to do is anything. Action. Action. Action. It’s the antidote to most things. Because so often when we are feeling all the uncomfortable feelings it’s because we’re no

6 Apps for Better Work Life Balance

If you’re anything like me, your average day is filled with screen time. Whether I’m writing on my laptop or managing Bossed Up’s Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts from my iPhone, I love being connected with you bosses! But we all know the perils of being plugged in ALL the time. The g

Overwhelm: When the Waves Keep Crashing

April was a month of waves. I was trying to outrun them, but I couldn’t. Just as my head popped up to take a breathe another one slammed down right over my head. Old programming: When it’s all crashing around you, do more. Keep plunging through. Can’t stop. Don’t stop. So I broke into an [&h

How a Toxic Relationship Can Hurt Your Career [VIDEO]

  Sheryl Sandberg made waves when she included this advice in Lean In: the most important career decision you’ll make it who you marry.   But whatever you feel about the institution of marriage, research shows that the quality of our relationships affects our career success in big ways.

Career Q&A with Michele Gordon [WEBINAR]

Michele “Miss Motivational” Gordon is a fitness entrepreneur who is committed to empowering and motivating individuals she works with. While working as Miss Motivational, Michele is able to combine her upbeat attitude and contagious energy to inspire positive change in the world around her. Ch

When You’re Craving Your Couch

You have a To Do list a mile long and all you want to do is hole up on the couch. Another night goes by. You haven’t crossed anything off your to do list. The laundry’s still there. You haven’t sent holiday thank you notes, and the last time you went to the doctor… ahem…. Somewhere [&hell

5 Lessons in Becoming Less Busy

I’m pretty sure busy is bullshit. Or at least all the problems we blame busy for…are bullshit. Messy house, messy energy… too busy. Didn’t call mom, feeling guilty… too busy. Haven’t worked out, feeling like crap as a result… too busy. Staying in the miserable job because the resume