Corinn’s a Growth Junkie

Starting this month we’re handing the #FierceFriday mic over to these boss ladies themselves in a new Q&A format.  Hear straight from today’s #FierceFriday boss, Corinn, below and leave your comments on the blog below. Emilie: Corinn! I like to call you my SUPERboss, since you’ve been inv

How Deanna Got Fearlessly Fit

As a young professional, it was all too easy for Deanna to get stuck on the happy hour train. You know the one I’m talking about. It’s Friday. It’s 5 o’clock. You’ve been stuck behind your desk all week. Everyone’s heading either home or to happy hour. Aren’t you? For years Deanna was

Kyler’s the boss of her own brand

When Kyler Ford came to Bootcamp, she was Jessica Vaughan. While she never truly disliked the name her parents gave her, she soon realized that striking out on her own to launch her business would be significantly easier with a new moniker. “There are more than 300 ‘Jessica Vaughan’s’ on Lin

Jennie shows what it means to WIN!

Jennie Johnson left Bossed Up Bootcamp with an ambitious goal: become a campaign manager. One year out, and not only has she achieved it – she WON! In a very tough year for Democrats, Jennie managed one of the only winning Congressional campaigns in the nation. Last night, I shared the stage with

Elaine’s Helpful Hobbies

Elaine was the kind of student who was so academically focused in college that when she landed a 9-to-5 job as a project manager, she looked forward to picking up some hobbies once again. But she felt riddled with guilt about her activities outside of work. Striving for “work-life balance” made

Ebony’s Next Chapter

Just about one year ago, Ebony found herself at a standstill. Her fourteen years of service in the United States Air Force had come to close, but she had a strong desire to continue serving her community. She was scouring job boards looking for purposeful, post-military civilian work, but felt overw

Melissa’s Courage to Change Course

Melissa’s nagging discontent with her day job (the kind of 9-to-5 corporate legal job a first-generation college graduate felt she should have) drove her to attend Bootcamp last March. Afterwards, Melissa made a plan and left her legal career to professionally pursue a dessert catering business. I