Career Q&A with Michele Gordon [WEBINAR]

Michele “Miss Motivational” Gordon is a fitness entrepreneur who is committed to empowering and motivating individuals she works with. While working as Miss Motivational, Michele is able to combine her upbeat attitude and contagious energy to inspire positive change in the world around her. Ch

The Real Magic Behind Power Poses [VIDEO]

We’ve long been told that the way people perceive you depends on more than the words you say – it’s also about how you say them. Research shows that your body language goes a long way to affect an audience’s perception of a speaker – but that’s just the beginning of the real magic behind

When You’re Craving Your Couch

You have a To Do list a mile long and all you want to do is hole up on the couch. Another night goes by. You haven’t crossed anything off your to do list. The laundry’s still there. You haven’t sent holiday thank you notes, and the last time you went to the doctor… ahem…. Somewhere [&hell

Career Q&A with Attorney Shavon Smith [WEBINAR]

Shavon Smith is an attorney committed to helping make small-businesses and entrepreneurs successful.  Shavon’s mission through SJS Law Firm is to partner with clients as a team to achieve businesses of people’s dreams.  By providing strategic legal advice, Shavon can make dreams into reality.

5 Lessons in Becoming Less Busy

I’m pretty sure busy is bullshit. Or at least all the problems we blame busy for…are bullshit. Messy house, messy energy… too busy. Didn’t call mom, feeling guilty… too busy. Haven’t worked out, feeling like crap as a result… too busy. Staying in the miserable job because the resume

Career Q&A with Chasity Cooper [WEBINAR]

About Chasity Cooper Chasity Cooper is a digital media strategist who specializes in online communications and brand strategy for non-profit and advocacy organizations. A self-proclaimed “Millennial On A Mission”, Chasity began her blog self-titled in September 2011 that has evolved to celebr

Have you been called “aggressive” at work? [VIDEO]

It’s one of those words that stops a woman leader in her tracks. Is that a good thing? Am I being complimented or critiqued? Isn’t that what leaders are like?   It is such a loaded term because it’s commonly misconstrued with a similar (but critically different) word: assertive.   Th

The Secret to Work/Life Balance this Season

“Work-life balance.” It’s as elusive as it is infuriating.  But it’s what we’re all striving for, isn’t it? The ability to feel like a whole person? Not some cog in a machine solely defined by our work product or hours billed or productivity? What if I told you that something you love