Holding out for “the one”

Happy Galentine’s Day! Today I was thinking how finding the right job is kinda like finding the right date: it can suck to be without one, but it’s better than being with the wrong one. Am I right? This is the conundrum Rachel faced after joining us at Bootcamp, as she faced a pending career

Gaining the Respect of the Old Boy’s Club

When Molly moved to Washington, DC after college, she was without friends in the area and soon found herself hobbling around on crutches following knee surgery. Despite these post-grad road bumps, Molly was excited to step into a leadership role at a young age and lead a nationwide coalition of advo

Elaine’s Helpful Hobbies

Elaine was the kind of student who was so academically focused in college that when she landed a 9-to-5 job as a project manager, she looked forward to picking up some hobbies once again. But she felt riddled with guilt about her activities outside of work. Striving for “work-life balance” made

Ebony’s Next Chapter

Just about one year ago, Ebony found herself at a standstill. Her fourteen years of service in the United States Air Force had come to close, but she had a strong desire to continue serving her community. She was scouring job boards looking for purposeful, post-military civilian work, but felt overw

Melissa’s Courage to Change Course

Melissa’s nagging discontent with her day job (the kind of 9-to-5 corporate legal job a first-generation college graduate felt she should have) drove her to attend Bootcamp last March. Afterwards, Melissa made a plan and left her legal career to professionally pursue a dessert catering business. I

It Pays to Negotiate

On average, only 7% of women attempt to negotiate their salary. Gray, a 27-year-old woman in Cambridge, MA, recalled this statistic from Bossed Up Bootcamp as she weighed an exciting new offer. In the weeks following Bootcamp, she was able to have a difficult conversation with her supervisor, in whi

How I got Bossed Up

by Laquanda Fields Last March, I found the courage to end a career that made me unhappy. I lost sight of my career goals and the work I did was unfulfilling. Just as I thought I was unsure about what to do next, I stumbled upon Bossed Up Bootcamp. Bossed Up is an organization with […]

Analysis to Action: Laquanda’s Career Come-Up Story

When Laquanda and her good friend Ileana came to Bootcamp, they were both feeling trapped in jobs at call center, daydreaming together between cubicle walls. They spent their shifts talking about “one day” pursuing careers they would love, which for Laquanda meant exploring the PR world as a com

How Ashley Started Living for the Long-Term

When Ashley joined us at Bootcamp, she had already been pursuing her passions on the side for quite a while. On top of her award-winning work in multimedia journalism, Ashley launched and led RIZZARR, an inspirational social blog network for millennials. It was mainly something she was pursuing for

When sustainability requires solitude

When Joanna joined us at Bossed Up Bootcamp, she was in the midst of the biggest transition of her life: a divorce. Coming to Bootcamp meant coming to terms with the split in a social context for the first time.  Standing amongst her fellow bosses at the end of the weekend, everyone had a turn [&he