Feeling burnt out?

Test your symptoms to see if you need to make changes now.

Do you have control over the day-to-day, minute-to-minute operations of how you carry out your job?

Do you feel you’re contributing to the big-picture strategy behind your work?

Are you inspired by the overall mission of your organization/work?

Do you feel like you can see the impact your work has?

Does your workplace provide the resources you need to be successful?

Do you feel you have the support of your coworkers?

Have you taken a vacation in the last year?

Do you feel physically and emotionally exhausted more often than not?

Do you feel like the work you’re doing matters?

Do you feel like your work aligns with your values?

“The harder I work, the more achieve.” Does this statement ring true to you?

“I feel proud of what I’ve accomplished at work.” Does this statement ring true to you?

Do you feel respected by your direct superior(s) at work?

Do you have the ability to tend to personal needs (like running errands, going to appointments, taking personal calls) during the workday?

Do you feel the work you’re doing is intellectually stimulating?

Do you often feel overwhelmed by the amount of work you must complete each day?

Do you feel like you have a good support system of friends, family, and loved ones?

Do you feel you spend plenty of time connecting with your loved ones?

Are you having relationship problems with your loved ones?

Do you feel isolated/alone?

Do you feel run down and drained of energy?

Do you regularly get 7-8 hours of sleep a night?

Are you finding refuge in increased use of food, alcohol, or drugs?

Do you regularly make time for play and fun?

Do you take breaks throughout the workday to tend to personal matters?

Do you feel like you’re appropriately compensated?

Do you feel productive most of the time?

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