How to Get Out of Overwhelm [WEBINAR]

Best-selling author and veteran Washington Post journalist Brigid Schulte sat down with us for a Power Lunch, our weekly VIP interview with women who’ve crafted their careers with passion and purpose.

She shared the lessons learned from writing her landmark book, Overwhelmed: Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time, as well as personal notes about what she wished she knew earlier on in her career.

  1. Don’t buy into “the ideal worker” myth

We live in a society that still thinks the best workers come in the earliest and leave the latest. But working longer does NOT equal working harder. And it sure as hell doesn’t equal working smarter. Without regular intervals of rest and renewal, we’re on the fast track to burning out.

“I think we’ve all drunk the cool-aide,” said Brigid, “I certainly did, assuming that we have to work these long hours to be innovative, and productive, and creative. You know what? Those long hours lead to burnout, they’re unsustainable. They’re the enemy of innovation and productivity. And what we really do need to do is work fewer, more concentrated, effective hours, and then really take time off.”

  1. Watch out for gender roles

Full-time working women are still shouldering twice the amount of housework and childcare duties than full-time working men in America. Even if you don’t have children, the ways in which gender roles can creep in on the domestic front is important to watch out for. “If you’re in a partnership,” says Brigid, “you need to know what is the bucket of work that needs to get done to make your household run, and how can you split it up so that it feels fair.”  We can all take a page from same-sex couples on this front, Brigid added, since they don’t have “the same gender scripts” dictating who should do what in the house, and therefore they’re more likely to come up with systems that work for them. We have to shake off the assumptions of what is women’s work versus men’s work and instead figuring out what works for us.

  1. Be focused on your mission & where you want to go

In today’s age of distraction, overwork, and overwhelm, it is absolutely imperative that we creative the “concentration zones” we need to be productive, says Brigid. If you don’t carve out the time to tackle the work that’s most important to you, you’ll spend your life chasing down other people’s priorities. “I didn’t use my time,” says Brigid. “I got so busy doing things for other people that I didn’t create that time early in the morning to work for a half hour on some big project. Looking back, the lesson I learned from writing my book is that it’s amazing what you can achieve a little bit at a time.”  But you, boss, have to set aside the time to tackle what matters most to you.

Get more resources and tips from Brigid on her site,, and watch the full replay below.

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