My Sustainable Foundation for Success

For as long as she could remember, Kyler had health problems.


As she grew older, her health worsened, and Kyler missed work often. “I had no sick time because I was sick all the time,” she said. Missing work and falling behind left Kyler with a growing list of professional ambitions that she found increasingly difficult to accomplish.


Kyler was unsure of what to do. She had tried several doctors, none of which were successful in helping her make progress. Exhausted and frustrated, she began to accept the fact that she would be sick forever, and had a shorter and shorter list of food her body tolerated. She just needed to “power through it,” she thought.


About half of all adults have one or more chronic health conditions like Kyler. For all of us, our health influences our work lives whether we want it to or not.


After Kyler experienced another major setback, she realized she couldn’t go on this way. “I was thinking, I’m gonna starve or I’m gonna be sick forever,” she says.


“I had been asking the wrong questions before,” says Kyler. “I was so busy looking for ways to manage my symptoms, I had altogether given up on finding a solution to the underlying problem, which resided in my liver. Once I dared to make that my goal, the solutions started to present themselves.”


Diligent research led Kyler to a specialist in Massachusetts, an expert in functional medicine, who was finally able to produce real results that significantly improved her quality of life.


“I finally sleep through the night and I’m eating well. I have not lost track of the miracle of that,” Kyler says proudly.


Making her health a priority was the catalyst that sparked success in other aspects of Kyler’s life.


Armed once again with the confidence and energy that her illness had previously stripped away, she was ready to change gears in her career and focus on her passion: writing. Kyler wanted to transition to communications, but was unsure how to do so with her experience limited to event and project management.


With no blueprint to follow, Kyler volunteered for any and all projects within her company that involved writing. Building a strong reputation internally positioned Kyler for opportunities in the communications department that enhanced her resume and earned her current position as Communications Specialist


Concurrently, she launched her own website and side business as a content marketer, formalizing the freelance work she’d been doing for years. Her renewed health enabled Kyler to invest in steering her career towards the work she loves most.


Good health is the foundation of sustainable success. It’s one of those things that you barely notice when all is going to plan, but can set you completely off-course when neglected.
“Your health is always first and foremost,” Kyler says. “Goals are vital, but you’re only ever alive today.”


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