Intentionally Aligning my Passions and Profession | Kendra’s Story

Kendra is a counselor at Georgetown University’s Career Education Center, so she knows a thing or two about professional development.

But even a career counselor can unconsciously take a backseat in steering her own path forward. After the departure of her former colleague and mentor, Kendra was doing what she does best: focusing on the work at hand, giving her students her full energy, and trying to fill the big shoes that her colleague left behind.

“It was easy for me to forget about taking charge of my trajectory,” says Kendra. “It happens to all of us when we’re busy getting work done and forget to look up from our desk.

Now Kendra’s committed to taking a more intentional approach. She recognizes the fact that when she’s propelling herself forward, she’s putting herself in a position to help others even more.

“I’m focused on being intentional,” she reports, “in the workspace, about my own professional development, in cultivating strong personal relationships, and taking care of myself.” We can all help others if and when we choose to put our own oxygen masks on first.

Being more intentional means taking on the right opportunities – those that challenge you, highlight your strengths, and enable you to shine.

When such an opportunity arrived in Kendra’s inbox – the chance to speak at Georgetown’s OWN IT women’s leadership summit – her instinct was to sit back and wait for someone else to volunteer. After all, it’s not something she had done before and she was still new to her role.

But then the irony hit her. Here she was, a career counselor with many talents and gifts to share with students, considering whether or not to “own it” herself and volunteer to speak at OWN IT! That thought, coupled with the Bossed Up Bootcamp pin sticking in her cork board on her desk, kicked Kendra into action. She co-delivered a tremendously well-received presentation and ran into me while there!

At OWN IT, Kendra and I got to talking and caught up on all that had transpired for her since I saw her at Bootcamp. In that moment, I realized we had our next negotiation trainer on our hands and welcomed Kendra to Bootcamp a few weeks later as a Bootcamp alum-turned-trainer living true to our “lift as you climb” philosophy.

“I feel like I’ve taken ownership of my work in a new way,” says Kendra. She joined a new team at Georgetown that’s moving forward with a critical new diversity initiative she’s thrilled to be working on. “By taking a very active approach in defining my role,” Kendra told me, “I feel alignment between my passions and my professional life unlike ever before.”

For those interested in learning more about Kendra, head over to our Bootcamp page to read all about this boss, who I’m thrilled can join us as a trainer once again in July.

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