2 Ways to Bask in the Glory of Your Big Win

Narcissistic a-holes are the worst. I’m sure you know about as many of them as I do. Heck, with that little screen in our hand…we have access to a whole world of hey, I’m seriously so important. Let me show you. Can’t you tell?

One Question to Help You Get What You Want

Demands on time clutter our connection and sometimes we’re just tumbling without knowing if this is what we even want. Frustration sets in and soon we don’t know what we actually want. Or more importantly, we’ve lost our ability to find the answers.

3 Must-Have Mindsets to be a More Successful Human

Like it or not: you don’t get to control the outcomes of your life. Thinking you do, that you can control it, is a fast track toward utter misery. Misery because you won’t be happy with anything other than what you want. Misery because people will 100% do whatever they’re going to do. Believe

When Action Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be

If you’re stressed, or overwhelmed, or worrying, or nervous, or feeling stuck… the very first thing I’d probably tell you to do is anything. Action. Action. Action. It’s the antidote to most things. Because so often when we are feeling all the uncomfortable feelings it’s because we’re no

5 Lessons in Becoming Less Busy

I’m pretty sure busy is bullshit. Or at least all the problems we blame busy for…are bullshit. Messy house, messy energy… too busy. Didn’t call mom, feeling guilty… too busy. Haven’t worked out, feeling like crap as a result… too busy. Staying in the miserable job because the resume

Halt the Hustle and Open Your Heart

Everyday you’re hustlin. Everyday you try to get farther. You think to try harder. You make lists and lists and lists and tape up calendars and create reminders. Reminders to yourself to do more. Reminders that if you have free time then you’re obviously not out there hustling enough. You should