PODCAST: Nipple Nonsense

Did you know it was once considered scandalous for men to go topless? But they fought for and won that right nearly a century ago, while women's nipples still create an uproar. Bridget and Emilie explore why.

PODCAST: B*tches Who Bike

In E&B's first live show, they chat with Atlanta Bicycle Coalition's Executive Director, Rebecca Serna, about women bicyclists takin' it to the streets!

Meet the Trainer: Alicia Robinson

Alicia Robinson, founder of EdPlus Consulting, works at the intersection of social justice and education. She is passionate about connecting people with opportunities to create equitable education for every student, promoting empathy across difference, and empowering social justice warriors to succe

Meet the Trainer: Rachel Wynn

Rachel Wynn is a tenacious, poised, and creative professional in the social media marketing and women's empowerment field with an extensive background in sales, social media marketing, event planning, and community management. In 2015 she founded a social media company called Starlight Social where

PODCAST: Oh, Miley

Miley Cyrus dropped hip hop like it’s hot, saying she no longer identifies with the genre. But this stylistic choice is far from simple, and indicative of a larger, troubling trend.