Analysis to Action: Laquanda’s Career Come-Up Story

When Laquanda and her good friend Ileana came to Bootcamp, they were both feeling trapped in jobs at call center, daydreaming together between cubicle walls. They spent their shifts talking about “one day” pursuing careers they would love, which for Laquanda meant exploring the PR world as a communications strategist.

But Laquanda, ever the researcher and planner, was stuck in analysis paralysis and found that “one day” was moving farther and farther out of reach.

After traveling together from Rochester, NY for Bootcamp, Laquanda left on track to set plans in motion that would transform her life.

With her fellow bosses cheering her on and helping troubleshoot when she felt stuck, Laquanda restarted her college degree program, began writing for her school’s paper to showcase her skills, and headed out to network like a boss at PR industry events in the area.

Just a few months later, and yesterday was Laquanda’s first day at her new internship with a strategic communications agency in her home city!

“I’ve got this feeling of just being on fire,” Laquanda told me. “I feel bold. I’m just excited to unravel all that I’ve been keeping to myself by not making moves sooner.”

Fear and inertia were hard at work keeping Laquanda right where she was at that call center for over three years. Fear can be so powerfully paralyzing! twitter_button

The fear of moving forward without 100% certainty left her stuck. And hey, I get it: she’s got two little ladies counting on her – her beautiful daughters are only 6 and 8 years old!

“Honestly, they are what keeps me focused now,” says Laquanda, “It’s important for me to show them what hard work and bettering yourself looks like. My goal is to set the bar high for them.

Together Laquanda and her daughters talk about “mommy’s career” and a few weeks ago when her wonderfully supportive boyfriend took the girls for the day, they took great pride in telling everyone, “Mommy’s at a conference!”

As for Bootcamp, Laquanda called it “the catalyst that kick-started the rest of my life.” And she cited the support network she created for herself amongst her alumni as an incredible resource – a strong foundation upon which she can build to her next level.

I’m excited to see what the future has in store for Laquanda – and so proud of a woman so clearly on fire! Go get ‘em, boss!


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