A Spring Cleaning Checklist to Build Your Career [VIDEO]

Spring has officially arrived! With a season so full of growth before us, it’s time to bring a little spring cleaning spirit to life and work.

Let’s take time today to make sure your professional house is in order just as much as your personal one is (or isn’t whatever, no judgement…).

Let’s walk through today’s spring cleaning checklist for your career:


▢ Refresh your resume!

I always dread having to update my resume when I need it. Saving such an important task like that to the last minute means you’re setting yourself up for silly errors and typos, too.

So do future you a favor, and start your own brag sheet – a running tally of the achievements and accomplishments you want to keep track of in a “master resume” of sorts. You can always trim it down later, but take time today to tally up key numbers and metrics you want to add in.

While you’re at it, proof-read your past drafts to make sure you’re especially clear about your transferable skills. That’s one of the most often-overlooked elements of a rockin’ resume: clearly articulating the transferable skills you’ve gained from past experience and can bring to future positions.

If you want to gain a deeper understanding of how to write a Skills-Based Resume, watch this webinar I did last fall with my superstar sister-in-law, Jessica Aries, a legal marketing professional who breaks down a step-by-step method for crafting a resume that emphasizes those key skills that could land you your next job, promotion, or award.

TO DO in review:

▢ Start your own brag sheet

▢ Proof-read to highlight transferable skills

Watch this webinar on How to Write a Skills-Based Resume


▢ Spruce up your social media!

I know some of you love social media – and some of you loathe it. Either way, employers are looking at it, boss!

So start the season by choosing which social media platforms you want to use for professional purposes. LinkedIn and Twitter make the most sense for you? Then feel free to lock down your Facebook profile and keep that as your personal playground. Want to use them all to get your professional reputation out there? Great! You might even consider coming up with a CV website (platforms like WIX and SquareSpace make it easier than ever to set one up) to highlight your professional portfolio and bring your resume to life online.

Then, take your online brand up a notch with one brave step – in front of the camera! If you’re serious about coming across like a boss, a professional headshot can go a LONG way to convey that message. Whether you join us at Bossed Up Bootcamp (where every attendee leaves with a polished professional headshot!), hire your own photographer, or just grab a friend with a camera to do the job, take time to plan out how you want the shoot to go.

This webinar I did with featured Bootcamp photographer Victoria Ruan is a great way to learn the basics of what makes for a rockin’ headshot and how to set your shoot up for success.

Once you’ve chosen your networks to focus on and added in your new headshots, take a moment to write a catchy one-line explanation of who you are and what you’re doing (or looking to do!) at work these days. Add that line into your Twitter bio, Facebook intro and LinkedIn summary to make sure you’ve got a consistent message across the board that instantly connects with the prospective employers, clients, or partners (in business or otherwise, wink wink) you’re looking to attract.

TO DO in review:

▢ Choose which social networks to invest in

▢ Take professional headshots (and watch this webinar first for a successful shoot!)

▢ Add a catchy one-liner about who you are and what you’re up to for consistency across platforms – and to land the kinds of connections you want!


▢ Get in an environment of growth

Entrepreneur Jim Rohn says we are the average of the five people we spend the most amount of time with. So let’s take this opportunity to (lovingly) audit who those folks are in our lives, shall we?

Are the people you hang with on board with your goals? Aligned with your values? If not, you might feel lonesome and isolated on the journey to crafting your boss life.

But you won’t get there any faster by going it alone. Email someone you have a #CareerCrush on right now to set up a 1-on-1 meeting and talk about your ambitions (and don’t forget to be persistent!). Can’t think of a single individual? Get yourself into new circles with some fresh faces. Head to a new networking event (I happen to think our upcoming Power Hours in DC or NYC are the best out there) or get yourself a ticket to an industry conference.

If you’re really ready to step up your game and gain a community of courageous, ambitious women who ‘lift as we climb,’ apply now to join us at Bossed Up Bootcamp – our flagship weekend training program for women navigating career transition.

 TO DO in review:

▢ Do a (kind) community audit – are the folks you’re spending time with aligned with your values and goals?

▢ Email your #CareerCrush to request a coffee meeting or phone call

▢ Register for an upcoming networking event or conference

▢ Apply to join us at Bossed Up Bootcamp

By taking these steps now you’re keeping your eye on the prize, career-wise, and keeping your house in order for the long run.

So tell me: how are you bringing the spring cleaning spirit into your life this time of year? What rituals or habits are you working on to stay focused on living your boss life?

Weigh in via the comments section below – I can’t wait to hear what tips and tricks you have to share!


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