5 Ways to Sneak Exercise into Your Week

As ambitious career women, most of us feel crunched for time most of the time (or so it seems). Not to mention the exercise and fitness gender gap. Women are still doing more of the housework and childcare as a “second shift” at home, leaving less time for wellness. With such packed schedules, how exactly are we supposed to fit exercise into our lives?

Here are 5 ways to make room for fitness now:

1. Schedule Fitness

Fitness is just as important as work meetings, so why don’t we schedule it into our personal calendars? In fact, Bossed Up finds this so important, it’s included in the Bossed Up Manifesto. Without fitness you can be at a higher risk of heart disease and other health anomalies. After all, if you’re hospitalized, recovering from a health scare, or 6 feet under, you won’t be worrying about those “important” work meetings. It’s time to make time for exercise or your body will take that time from you.

2. Netflix Binge

You read that right. I’m encouraging you to binge watch your favorite shows as part of your fitness routine. You can do this by practicing “pairing,” a technique that Gretchen Rubin has discussed on the Happier podcast. In pairing, you match one of your favorite things with a not so favorite activity. In this case, pair your next binge worthy tv show to running or walking on the treadmill. Whenever you’re craving your TV show, you’ll have to hit the gym too. This is also known as temptation bundling which is referenced in both Bossed Up Bootcamp and the Lifetracker.

3. Activity Tracking

Do you even know how much activity you’re getting on the daily? Jumping on the Fitbit, Jawbone, or Apple Watch bandwagon might be the reality check you need to see just how little activity you’re getting during the workday. Fitness trackers have the ability to remind you to get up and move when you’ve been sitting too long and setting goals within the app can also create some extra motivation and accountability when you’re just not feeling it.

4. Money Motivation

Sometimes money is simply the best motivator and there are apps to cater to this drive. Achievemint is an app that connects to your activity tracker. When you walk, sleep, or log a weigh in you’ll earn points. Every 10,000 points you earn gets you $10.00. Pact tracks your exercise or diet through your activity tracker or check in at the gym. When you create a pact, you set a goal to workout a certain number of days during the week. If you complete your pact, then you receive a payout. If you fail, you are charged and that payment is distributed to those who kept their pact. This app gives a direct reward or cost for meeting or not meeting your fitness goals.

5. Friendly Fitness

I’ve recently joined a weekly FitBit challenge with my work colleagues for our Workweek Hustle. My 10,000 steps goal which I’d hit just over half the week is now getting killed when my friends and I go on walks, often getting upwards of 20,000 steps a day. The friendly competition motivates us to skip the Netflix binges and get moving. Being able to combine fitness, fun, and friends makes a workout feel less like work.

With spring’s arrival, now is the perfect time to try squeezing fitness into your routine.  Take charge of your body and wellness to stop burn out before it happens. In the comments below, tell me what motivates you to work on your fitness!


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  2. How about incorporating walking into your daily life? Make trips on foot (or by bike) that you would’ve made in a car. Get shiz done (errands, seeing friends, etc.) while also getting exercise.


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