5 Surprising Lessons From Our Survey!

Last week we celebrated our 5 year anniversary with an in-depth community survey and I’m SO grateful to the hundreds of you who weighed in!  

I’ll be the first to admit that as Bossed Up’s birthday creeped in, I was feeling a bit…lost. Just surviving your first few years in business is such an achievement, that it felt like our growth as a community had already exceeded my wildest expectations. I mean, come on – I get to write a book about all this?! I get to boss up your earbuds twice a week on my very own podcast?! And everything about Bossed Up Bootcamp and our Trainer Team program is cruising along just swimmingly? Talk about a dream job. What could I strive towards from here?!

Then I remembered to take a queue from my own Bossed Up Lifetracker Planner and recognize that asking for help is a form of making progress. So I did just that – and boy, did y’all come through!

Here are 5 lessons I learned from our survey:

1. We share SO many common goals – not just about work

We’re striving for a lot of the same things right now – and they’re not all work-related.

Only 43% of respondents are looking for a new job and 32% are vying for a promotion. Compare that to a whopping 63% of you who, like me, are trying to better manage your money and 62% of you who want to adopt healthier habits.

The other top goals you reported include traveling more and having more fun, too! These are both things I’ve made my focus this year, as I’ve centered on creating the lifestyle I want my work to support – not just making work my sole focus.

It sounds like a lot of us share this sentiment, in fact, one person put it perfectly when she wrote:

“Over the last 3-4 years, I’ve been so focused on work that other things have taken a back seat because I’ve allocated the majority of my time to work. I’ve gotten to the point in my career where I feel comfortable about my success and now need to make sure that I can find the balance without burning out.”

All this reminded me that there’s SO much more to getting Bossed Up than just getting paid more and moving up in your career (although hell, that certainly helps!). It’s not just about money and power – it’s about crafting that happy, healthy, and sustainable lifestyle, too.

2. We also share a few common challenges.

Once I asked about what goals you’re pursuing, I asked you to tell me what challenges are getting in the way. The top two responses were clear almost immediately: TIME & MONEY!

We’re all busy bosses on a budget, juggling many different roles in our lives, with many responsibilities. We want affordable, practical ways to move forward on our goals without feeling like we’re spread way too thin all the time.

A lot of you also said self-doubt, fear, and analysis-paralysis were barriers to your progress, too. There’s SO much realness wrapped up in all that! I struggle with all those same things, too, but this survey helped me recognize something else I’ve been neglecting…

3. I’ve been shy about sharing my struggles.

I’m the kind of person who likes to get things done. I like focusing on what to do next, and I like celebrating when things are complete, and I don’t typically share a lot of the stuff that goes down in between. It’s a grind. A slog! And frankly, it’s sometimes boring. So I’ve been reticent to take y’all on that behind-the-scenes journey of how I started and run Bossed Up, or even how I keep my own life on track (or at least try to).

But I’m realizing now that NOT talking about my process is a waste of an opportunity! I learn so much through trial and error. So in all my writing and podcasting moving forward, I’m committed to sharing more of the good, bad, and ugly of being the boss behind Bossed Up.

Over 70% of you said you want to know more about my entrepreneurial journey, so that’s definitely something I’ll be talking more about moving forward.

4. You’re from all over!

Part of the fun of my job is that I get to fly all over the place speaking at conferences and companies who believe in bringing the Bossed Up mission to their people. But when I’m not rockin’ some speech somewhere, I’m kinda living a sad soloprenuer life in my hotel room, knowing if I’d only been more thoughtful, I could have organized a get-together with bosses like you!

That’s definitely something I want to do more often – even if it’s as casual as shouting out on my Instagram story when I’m heading out on a trip and want grab drinks with bosses in the area! Here’s where you told me you’d be down to hang:

I see you, DC! Good to know we’re still strong where Bossed Up got its start – and I can’t wait to bring Bossed Up Bootcamp back to the Nation’s Capital in September! It’s just as lovely to see my still new-ish digs in Denver are representing, too. Much more hanging in my own neck o’ the woods to come. And holy cow, Canadians! I gotta get up to Toronto to hang with you STAT. L.A. amigas – I’ll be bossin’ up with you at Bootcamp in November, too! Hope to see you there!

5. I f*cking love you!

Seriously! I know it sounds over-the-top, but I SO feel the love from you all through this survey – especially those of you who’ve been watching me slowly grow this brand for years. To be clear: I haven’t had any kind of blow-up glow-up. This has been a slow slog. I didn’t get any start-up financing – I boot-strapped this baby by just putting one foot in front of the other, deliberately, consistently moving forward and doing the best I could with whatever I had.

I really love whoever shared this on-point piece of advice with me:

“Please just keep growing steadily! It’s been awesome watching this grow since 2012!”

I feel you, boss! And I promise to keep cruising along on this climb with you all. It’s the honor of a lifetime – and I can’t WAIT to see where we go next – together.

Got feedback on my survey takeaways?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

I read them all and respond personally, and I’d love to hear your thoughts, feedback, or advice!


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