5 Steps for Moving Forward After Getting Fired

Getting fired is absolutely terrible. The degree of how bad it is directly proportional with your present life situation. In the case you needed the money to make the ends meet, getting fired is often going to trigger a lot of problems into your life.

There are many elements that could drive you to despair and put you through horrible moods. Eliminating feelings such as anger, disappointment, betrayal, or frustration might seem hard at first.

If you know what you have to do and if you’re actually doing it, moving forward after being fired will be a piece of cake. Getting fired is a process that happens to thousands of women over the world, and many times. Did you know that women are 2 times more likely to get fired than men?

We’re adaptable, and we are able to put ourselves into comfortable professional positions. Pay attention to the insights, and start moving forward.

1. Take Some Time to Adapt to the Change

After you get fired, you need to take it easy for a while. Don’t stress too much, never blame yourself for what happened, and always stay open to change. Now. This is easier said than done. If you manage to stay connected to the thought that you need to stay open and embrace change, moving on is easier than ever.

Catherine Rudick, Senior Manager at CareersBooster gave us a helpful approach during the last talk we’ve had:

“Whenever a big change happens, we tend to feel overwhelmed and scared because of how things turned out. Your old colleagues will continue the road without you, the same everyday morning routine is gone, the feelings, the smells…. everything that’s related to “how your job used to be” will pop into your head.”

Make sure that you give yourself enough time to grieve and relax. Don’t search for different job opportunities, don’t work for a few days, and start adapting to the change.

2. You’re Not Doomed, You’re Blessed!

Perspectives. During rough times we could really use some effective perspectives. It’s up to you whether getting fired represents a dooming factor or a blessing one. Let’s think about the positive aspects of losing your job:

  • You are now open to new opportunities. Your job isn’t stopping you from picking up something that you’d love to do for the rest of your life
  • Everything happens for a reason. If you don’t provoke the change and it just happens to you, crying over the situation is not a solution. Accept it, and realize that you’re just following your course!
  • Now you can finally live without all the negative aspects that came from your job. Moreover, you’re able to choose your next job with much more care.

Do your best, be confident in your actions, and cultivate the proper mindset and attitude. This simple “exercise” will make you two times of a better woman compared to how you’d used to be before working on that mindset of yours.

3. Take Time to Understand What Caused the Firing

You have to step back for a minute and reassess the situation once and for all. Think about it as a personal feedback or an introspection if you’d like to call it like that.

  • What made this even happen?
  • Was it your fault or someone else’s?
  • Could you have prevented this from happening?
  • Leaving out the shock and the emotional thinking, are you better off without this job?
  • What have you learned from this experience?
  • What can you improve so it won’t happen again in the nearest future?

Ask yourself these questions and answer them each. In case it wasn’t your fault, accept it as it is, and be grateful that you won’t have to deal with unfair people for no longer.

4. Work Out

Exercise is a great way to detach yourself from everything that represents stress in your life. Working out is awesome because your brain releases dopamine, you get more energy to deal with daily tasks, and it’s proven to be very helpful after break-ups (which is close to the emotional impact you get whenever you get fired)

If you’ve never exercised before, it’s time to give it a shot. What do you have to lose? You have time to take care of your physical and mental condition, so leave the excuses and start moving that body.

5. Plan Your Next Move

After you’re good to start again, you need to plan your next moves. Start with the long-term objective: think of what you’d like to have and/or be in the next 5 years. Choose the goal, then set another goal reported to 1 year.

What can you accomplish in 12 months? Note that single goal down and split it into smaller objectives. Keep going down until you reach monthly, weekly, and daily goals. Each day, do something that moves you towards the biggest goal.

Take small steps, take consistent action, and give your 100%. There won’t be long until you start to see real results. Be ready to seize the opportunities by adapting to everything positive that comes into your life.

Moving on after getting fired is not easy, but it’s far away from impossible. You need to detach yourself a bit, avoid focusing on the problem, and start focusing on the solution. In a matter of days or weeks, you should be back to normal, allowing life to throw new opportunities straight into your face.


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