5 Fabulous Websites with Free Resume Templates

So, you’ve got your resume content checked, proof-read, and tailored for the position you’re applying to –  but how about the design? An eye-catching resume layout is more than beautiful: it’s professional, organized, and clear. And in a world where hiring managers skim resumes for just a few seconds before deciding which pile to put it in, having a seamless design matters.

These 5 websites offer free and tasteful resume templates you can download now:

1) Freesumes

This website offers resumes in modern, elegant, creative, and classic styles -and they’re always updating their content. You download a .zip file after sharing the template on Facebook , Twitter, or Google+.

2) Amy Dozier at Fledge Co

Amy Dozier has a goal: to help you get a new job. You can opt to pay whatever you’re moved to, or nothing at all, and get yourself a very cool template to work from – complete with fiercely-named varieties like the Emily Dickinson!

3) Hloom

If your industry allows, be adventurous and pick one of these more creative templates. Of course, there are other styles at Hloom too. In fact, there are even specific templates for certain types of jobs.

4) Google Drive

Praise Google, right? These templates won’t be up for long, so grab yours now. And, in case you’re late, you can always use the templates on Google Docs.

5) Behance

While you may need to look around a bit before finding a template of your liking, the fact that you can just “pay with love” (AKA get it for free) makes Behance totally worth all that browse time! The wide variety of bundles is impressive, and sometimes include a cover letter and/or portfolio.

Plus, if you have the skills or the will to learn, you can get a Photoshop template to start from, too.

Excited about rocking your new resume? We’re here for you every step of the way! Flaunt your progress in the Bossed Up Courage Community and enroll in an upcoming Bossed Up Bootcamp for more hands-on training to navigate career transition #likeaboss!






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