3 Ways to Celebrate Yourself on National Boss’s Day!

Countless women are taking an entrepreneurial path these days and I can tell you first hand, it’s pretty easy to burn out from the long hours, stress about stabilizing income, and the work/life balance that seems to meld together into one where you find yourself still in your pajamas working through dinner to wrap up that last email.

While those who take the traditional path have a specific boss they can thank on this day, I wanted to make sure that women who work for themselves weren’t ignored! Here are three ways to celebrate yourself, the risk you took to become an entrepreneur, and how much success you’ve accomplished thus far:

1) Take a Day Off

That’s right, I said it! You need to pull out your calendar right now and pick one day in October or November where you have a little staycation at home. It’s hard for most people to take days off work, especially women, and sometimes it can feel like an awful idea when you work for yourself since you’re hustling for every single dollar you earn (time is money, right?). Guess what? By not taking break, you’re setting yourself up for burnout. Because of this, I’m going to give you permission to schedule a day where you sit at home and:

– Do nothing
– Read/Journal
– Watch TV
– Sleep/Nap
– Play with your pet

Did you notice that there aren’t any home projects on this list? The whole point is that you’re taking the time to NOT be productive at work or home. Yes, it may be tempting to catch up on laundry, do dishes, clean, or do other chores, but save it for the weekend. This one day is for you and you only, leave everything else at your desk and just go Netflix and chill, seriously.

2) Business Shopping Spree

I don’t know about y’all, but I LOVE office products (and the fact that they are tax deductible) so go to a local shop, Staples, Paper Source, or Amazon, give yourself a $25 budget, and pick out some items for your business that bring you joy.

I just bought a Moleskin notebook to start a bullet journal and ordered these amazing stickers to jazz it up since I’m not as artistic as the other “bujo” folks out there! Greeting cards, washi tape, fun pens, adorable notebooks with little pockets, these awesome sticky notes, whatever makes you smile! Just keep receipts for tax time!

3) Buy Flowers and Chocolate

On National Boss’s Day, take a break from work and go to the nearest store where you’ll pick out some lovely flowers and something sweet. Return home and take a 1 hour “because I’m boss” break from work where you take off your pants, sit down at the table or on the couch, maybe drink some bubbly, and enjoy the luxury that you’re in charge of your day and the breaks you take. Perhaps even print off a Profit & Loss report and review the numbers YOU earned and created from nothing but hard work and determination.

We often forget to treat ourselves without guilt (especially with flowers), but it’s worth taking some time to sit down and recognize what you’ve achieved as an entrepreneur. Today, start an acknowledgement log where you write down the things you’re proud of accomplishing in work and life. When in doubt or battling that obnoxious impostor syndrome, flip the the pages and remember how amazing you are!

Nobody forced you to work for yourself, right? You chose the path to your own success. YOU are in charge of your economic destiny, so congrats, boss! Celebrate yourself today!






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