3 Must-Have Mindsets to be a More Successful Human

Like it or not: you don’t get to control the outcomes of your life. Thinking you do, that you can control it, is a fast track toward utter misery. Misery because you won’t be happy with anything other than what you want. Misery because people will 100% do whatever they’re going to do. Believe otherwise and your joy is screwed.

Your joy is screwed because JOY… ohhhh joy…. she’s an inside job my friend. All love, peace and magic happens from within you. And if you want the kind of success that’s lasting. That oozes. The kind of success that is joy regardless of what’s happening or how hard things get (yes, it’s possible), it all comes down to a mindset.

The only power you truly have is that which is in you. That which is you. It’s all you control. And within that control is how you react to life. Shift your mindset and you’ll truly shift you’re entire world.

I’ve been conscious to this entire mindset thing for a while. And what’s important to know is that it’s a lifetime journey. It’s ups and downs. Good weeks and bad weeks. More control over your mind some days and totally losing it on others. But in the practice comes the mastery. And committing to mindset shifts will not just give you external success, it’ll make you a better human—one who gives. One who loves freely. One who isn’t so caught up. One who prioritizes with beautiful intention. One who makes impact. Who who finds a way to live beyond the bounds of other people’s bullshit. These three below… try them on. Try them out. They’re three mindsets that have permanently changed my my life for the better. When I’m in tune with them, it’s like being magically transported into bliss.

A mindset of CHOICE

No matter what’s happening. No matter what they did. No matter what went on. No matter how stuck you feel. No matter how fu*ked you seem. You, my sweet goddess of a soul, always have a choice. You just have to see and believe that you do. No one has your hands tied. No one is keeping you small, other than you. See that choice…in ANY situation…and do something with it. Personal responsibility and total ownership over you life (no matter how tough this gets…because it can) has true power to change how you go about living.

A mindset of GRATITUDE

Daily gratitude. Daily thanks. Daily hallelujah no matter what’s going on keeps you present in what you do have. You have so much, even if it’s not everything you want. Try to look for the feeling, not the exact form and be grateful for that. Think about love, for example, if you want more of it quit obsessing that it’s not in the form of a perfect boyfriend but rather it’s a feeling that happens daily in phone calls with your mom and hugs with your besties. Be grateful that it exists in your life no matter how it shows up. If you’re reading this you have two working eyes and a heart that’s beating for you. Start there. It can be that simple when shit’s blowing up. And when things aren’t that bad but they’re not that good either, gratitude will remind you that you are JUST fine and exactly where you’re supposed to be. A mindset of gratitude is also a #universe hack, because every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So what you put out there (like saying thanks) will bring that back to you. Trust me, it works.

A mindset of POSSIBILITY

Don’t be shackled by old shit. And never desire any less than everything.Tweet: Don’t be shackled by old shit. And never desire any less than everything. Want it all. Want everything. Ask the #universe for the biggest of magic in your life, lean into it, and declare it. Believing in possibility—both for who you can become, what’s possible for yourself, others, and this world, is how real change happens. If you don’t think it’s possible, it likely won’t be. Try letting go of old belief patters. Old crap. Old limits. And moving into possibility for anyone (especially yourself) and anything.

One mindset at a time. One step in front of the other. It’ll change everything for you—both in the magic of your life and the energy of your soul.

This post was originally published on MaxieMcCoy.com and shared with permission.


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