2018 Is Already Surprising | Founder Friday Round-Up

Happy New Year, bosses!

With a wild winter storm shutting down the northeast, 2018 already has my head spinning, y’all.

I was originally supposed to be in Boston today after spending a few days in studio recording podcasts in DC, but the minute all these meteorologists started tweakin’ over scary new names for winter storms (Bomb Cyclone?! What?!) I turned tail to get back west while I still could.

I hope wherever you are right now this post finds you safe and warm, because there’s plenty of good stuff on the internet to catch up on this week.

What I’m Reading:


What I’m Writing:


What I’m Watching:

Other than binge-watching The Crown on my back-to-back flights from Denver to DC…

I’m a big fan of Refinery29’s Lucie Fink, and her take on the Danish art of hygge is exactly what this week calls for:

Where I’m Busy Bossin’

I was originally Boston-bound this week, but now I’ll be back in New England next Friday instead for Liberty Mutual’s MBA Women’s Leadership Invitational. Liberty Mutual is so committed to diversity, inclusion, and women’s leadership that they bring together hundreds of women MBA students from top schools across the country for a totally-free training jam-packed with workshops and professional development opportunities, creating powerful opportunities for mentorship and networking. I’m stoked to be chiming in with one of our Bossed Up signature workshops on Assertive Communication: Own Your Voice!

Despite my trip east getting cut short, I still made it out to DC for a whirlwind 48 hours, where Bridget and I laid down 5 new Stuff Mom Never Told You episodes, including a few fabulous interviews. You’ll soon hear from an attorney involved with the #TimesUp movement who reads us some of her powerful poetry AND an interview with my pal Erin Vilardi, the boss behind VoteRunLead.  If you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe now so you’ll never miss an episode.

Win of the Week! 

I got off the plane Wednesday night to learn we SOLD OUT of our Limited Edition 2018 LifeTracker Planners!

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This was our first year developing a planner and we set a super audacious goal that I’m so proud we hit!

It’s been such a delight shipping planners out all across our country – and world! Shout-out to all our bosses in Australia, Canada, and the UK especially!

AND YET…I also realize many of you who wanted one didn’t get your hands on one before they were gone. It’s only Jan. 5, after all. Stay tuned, we’re working on something special for you…

Question of the Week: 

How would you describe your intention for 2018 in 3 words or less?

I’ve been pouring over your responses in the Courage Community, Twitter, and Instagram all week and they all leave me inspired and amazed.

My words are: YEAR OF FUN! I started to make good on them by dying my hair teal to start the year off with a little spunk.

What are yours?

What’s Good on the ‘Gram:

We’re swapping strategies for getting a good night’s sleep while traveling for work on Instagram.

Spoiler: this is not my strong suit.

a few years back I made getting better sleep a huge priority. I bought a fancy wake-up lamp alarm clock, always read before bed, stopped drinking ☕️ after 5, and charge my electronics outside of the bedroom. I started regularly getting quality sleep and everything in life improved. But now that I travel so much of the time, I am falling into all my old night owl habits in hotels. I ease into bed with my laptop just to wrap up the final few bits of work for the day and before I know it, it’s midnight, and I can’t bring myself to get up and put it all out of reach. 🙄 plus, with no one else around, I don’t feel any peer pressure to call it a night and come to bed so I stay up to ALL hours. It’s time I kick this harmful habit to the curb. Do you take any special steps to ensure a good night’s sleep while you’re traveling for work?

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Totally Tweetable: 

Self-care is so boring sometimes.

What are you loving this week? Let’s talk about it in the comments below, boss!

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