2 Ways to Bask in the Glory of Your Big Win

Narcissistic a-holes are the worst. I’m sure you know about as many of them as I do. Heck, with that little screen in our hand…we have access to a whole world of hey, I’m seriously so important. Let me show you. Can’t you tell?

Never mind that it can be completely exhausting. It ACTUALLY affects us. First, we compare the shit out of ourselves whether we like and judge our neighbor narcissist or not. Second, seeing how grimy it feels when people shout to the rooftops with Hey look I’m so cool makes us not want to swim in the same cesspool of that all-about-me vibe.

The thing is, though, when you have big wins you CAN…SHOULD…MUST…share. Celebrating yourself is important. Sometime people will celebrate without you having to ask, but most of the time it’s just easier if you celebrate yourself with all the confidence of the biggest birthday whore you know (c’mon…you know the person who takes over an entire month to commemorate a single minute of leaving the womb.)

Last week, I fired off an email that began in all caps and ended with so meet me for a toast in 4 hours. Because I had accomplished something dreamy, something major, and I’d be damned if I’d let it pass without getting jazzed up and telling everyone about it over some bubbly. I read the note, and then thought to myself for a split-second, does this make me a narcissistic a-hole? I quickly lit that judgement on fire and blew away the ashes of doubt. I knew it wasn’t true because I’ve learned a few things about going over-the-top with your big wins:

1) You gotta thank your people.

Every text and message I sent out about my win ended with some version of I literally wouldn’t be here without you. Because it’s true. Our success is a team sport, as one of my great sages always says. Even if we’re the ones getting the glory, it took probably a million people and mini moments to get us here. Think of an acceptance speech — the winner’s got all the attention and uses it to cast attention back on those who made it happen.

2) Be real with what it took.

There’s a lot of truth missing in so much of what we see, mainly because we’re inundated with the final act and forget about everything else leading up to it. You don’t have to be self-deprecating, but you so need to be honest with how this win actually happened. As one the most memorable greeting cards I’ve ever read said, Success is like being pregnant. Everyone congratulates you but no one knows how many times you were f*cked before you got there. 

When you do both of these things, you welcome your humans into the celebration of your life. They WANT to get jazzed with and for you. Basking in the glory of your success gives them some room in the sunshine. Plus, it’ll push them to do the same. If we don’t love on ourselves when big milestones are achieved, who will?

This post was originally published on MaxieMcCoy.com and shared with permission.






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