11 Resources to Help Write Your Resume

Resumes are a crucial part of any job search and can either help you stand out from the crowd, or totally rule out your candidacy.  

Check out these 11 resources that can help with your next resume makeover:

For choosing a resume format…

  • If you’re thinking about switching industries or making a career transition, a skills-based resume may be the best option for you. To find out more about a skills-based resume and how to create one, check out this webinar.


For building a resume…

  • The Levo Resume app takes the information from your Levo League account profile and allows you to make edits.  After you’ve made the necessary changes, Levo Resume will format your information into an eye-pleasing resume format.
  • VisualCV lets you restyle your entire resume with a new template without having to start from scratch.  When you create an account, you’re given the chance to upload your current resume. VisualCV then imports all of your information into a new template of your choosing.
  • Google Resume Builder asks you to fill out a form with fields like your contact information, education, and work experience.  After completing all of this basic information, you’re given three different template styles to choose from.  Google Resume Builder then creates and formats your resume for you in a Google Document that you’re able to edit and make changes to if need be.


For a quick resume update…

  • Got 30 minutes to update your resume? Follow this brief 3-step strategy to make the most important updates without needing a total resume overhaul.
  • No matter how rushed you are, proofread, proofread, proofread! Avoid making some of the most common mistakes that hiring managers see on applicants’ resumes.  Making these errors could be just the thing to cost you the call-back.


For real-life resume assistance…

  • When updating your resume, don’t neglect to reach out to your own network and colleagues in your field.  Real professionals can provide more assistance with polishing your resume than these resources alone.  Swapping resumes with a colleague can also be a great way to give one another feedback.
  • If you’re an alumni or current student of a higher education institution, check out your school’s career center.  College or university career services departments often offer resources and resume reviews to current students and alumni.  

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