10 Things Ambitious Women Can Do Other Than Work Today

Happy International Women’s Day!

Today women across the country are taking a stand for “A Day Without A Woman,” a strike to show the country just how important and influential women are to the nation.

While we recognize that not every woman may have the privilege to strike, for those who are choosing not to work today, it can be uncomfortable!

Here are 10 things to consider doing today instead of working:

1) Brunch #LikeABoss at a woman-owned establishment.

Kick off your day with a leisurely brunch and support a fellow woman’s enterprise at the same time.

2) Call your Senators or Representatives.

Tell Congress you want a government who protects gender equality – whether it comes down to reproductive freedoms, equal pay, access to affordable healthcare, parental leave policies, or funding to prevent domestic abuse. Don’t know who your representatives are? Find out who they are and their contact information by visiting Congress.gov.

3) Go work out.

Run, walk, dance, or do some yoga. I don’t care how you do it., just get up and get yourself moving! Make time for PLAY today!

4) Call your gal pals.

It’s International Women’s Day after all. Indulge in that girl time you so deserve.

5) Watch a feminist documentary.

Make today your chance to learn something something new. Check out Miss Representation, She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry, Hot Girls Wanted, or A Ballerina’s Tale on Netflix if you want to embrace your feminist side today. 

6) Shop at women-owned businesses

We recommend the top-selling Slay the Day Deck for some daily motivation from the Bossed Up shop.

7) Read a book.

Find some inspiration from a fiction book of your choice today!

8) Engage in self-care.

Sleep in, meditate, relax outside, give yourself a spa day at home, call home, or take a nap.  Whatever fills your inner well – take advantage of it today!

9) If you enjoy cooking or baking, make your favorite recipe or Pinterest a new one!

It might be tricky to find a place to dine out today.  This is the perfect day to cook a meal that fuels your body, mind, and heart.

10) Get clear on your career and life goals for YOU.

Almost a year ago I attended Bossed Up Bootcamp. Since then my career and life goals have been set in a whole new dream direction – a direction that want. Stop fulfilling other peoples’ expectations and get the ball rolling in your life by applying for Bootcamp or downloading the FREE Bossed Up LifeTracker now!


What else are you doing for “A Day Without Women”? Tell us in the comments below and don’t forget to tell us if you’re striking today!

Jackie Butler received her Master of Public Administration degree from Texas Tech University and earned her Bachelors in Public Management & Policy at the University of Arizona. Jackie has a passion for leadership, management, digital marketing, and swimming education.  She previously served as Bossed Up’s Digital Director, but has since moved on to be a data specialist for a non-profit in her hometown.