10 Awesome Birthday Gifts for the Boss Babe In Your Life

It’s my birthday! Woohoo!

I’m 31 years old today and thrilled to be officially entering the thirties in earnest. So many big changes have already happened this past year (we did just get married, after all) and I feel so 👏🏼 f*ckin’ 👏🏼 excited 👏🏼 about life right now.

I’ve been making it my intention to make 2018 my year of fun. I want to seek out joy and bliss for the sake of joy and bliss alone. I want to take myself just a bit less seriously (which is no easy feat for me and my fellow Virgos) and prioritize just having a good time. As such, this year I set out to pamper myself a bit more, but without breaking the bank.

Fun, Fierce Gifts On My Birthday Wishlist

In that spirit, I’ve been doing a little online window-shopping for myself…and thought I’d share the gifts on my birthday wishlist this year! *cough* *cough* Brad, are you reading this? *cough*

I’m certain that these fun, fierce gifts would put a smile on the face of any boss babe in your life, too. So keep this post handy for the next time a Bossed Up boo in your world is celebrating a birthday. And let me know if you’ve been lucky enough to get any of these goodies and what you think of them!

Sugarfina Bento Box1. Sugarfina Bento Box

$26 + shipping

After I mentioned my obsession with Sugarfina as the perfect way to take your thank-you game to the next level, I was blessed with a Sugarfina Bento Box myself from Sarah Grooms, a former AmBOSSador and pal from Milwaukee. It was a wedding present (thanks, Sarah!) but would also make a deliciously sweet and sassy birthday treat, too!

Craftboner Tumbler2. ‘Bitches Get Stuff Done’ Tumbler

$14 + shipping

Did you see that Instagram giveaway we did with Craftboner earlier this year? Then you know I’m obsessed with this Denver-based boss lady’s clever, crafty designs.

This one especially speaks to my no-nonsense, get-it-done grit, while being playful at the same time. Plus, I’m a sucker for a reusable straw (get it?!).

3. Bose Noise-Cancelling Headphones


I swear by these babies. They’re amazing for podcast listeners and music-lovers alike, and after two years of relying on them to keep my flight-heavy life in order, I am thirsting for the wireless version. They’re pretty pricey, but then again…can you put a price on peace and quiet when you’re on a flight with a screaming baby a few rows back? I don’t think so.

Note: Bose makes different headphone versions for Apple vs. Android devices, so make sure you’re double-check that when making your purchase.

4. Godiva Chocolates

$7 + shipping

I’m a Godiva fanatic. I used to work near a storefront of theirs in DC and take advantage of their monthly rewards program (at the time they gave out one free truffle each month to entice you into the store, but as the broke young professional that I was, that’s all I ever got, haha!). I’m still a rewards member to this day because their email sales are phenomenal. And now that I have a little more cash in pocket, these are my go-to gifts for my anniversaries and for the birthdays of any chocoholics like me!

7. Boss Lady Pens

$4.99 + shipping

I’m a total office supplies fanatic and tell me: are these not the cutest pens you’ve ever seen in your life?

I want! That is all.

6. Massage

Cost varies

What do busy, boss women want? We want to take a load off. Seriously! And we all-too-rarely give ourselves this gift, so for goodness sake, give it to us!

Bonus points for giving these gifts to women (and men!) with physically demanding jobs. My mom is a labor & delivery nurse who works 12-hour shifts on her feet and this is my go-to gift for her around the holidays.

I’m a big fan of finding good deals for bodywork on Groupon (so long as you do your due diligence and vet each provider on Yelp, too!) as well as Zeel, this awesome app I recently discovered that connects you with local masseuses who bring their own table to your house (or in my case, hotel room, when on the road for work!). You can even book same-day massages, and thus far my experience has been outstanding. Use my code (10efi) for $20 off your first Zeel massage here: https://www.zeel.com/invite/10efi 

Fenty Match Stix8. Fenty Beauty Shimmer Stick

$25 + shipping

I just want to get my hands on something from the Fenty collection to support Rianna, obvs. But also, like, look at the glow you can get with this little must-have makeup bag addition?! It’s part blush, part highlighter, part laser beam on yo’ cheek. Ba-bam! I NEED!

8. Whiskey

Cost varies

What’s more fun than a bottle of fancy whiskey? Not much in my book.

I’ve been spoiled with good whiskey lately – from my bestie who brought Blanton’s to my bachelorette party, to the kind friends who gifted me and Brad a bottle of Colorado whiskey from Distillery 291 to celebrate our nuptials!

One of my absolute favorites is the Rodham Rye by Republic Restoratives, a woman-owned small batch distillery and craft cocktail bar in the heart of Washington, D.C.

9. Herschel Backpack

I’ve been on the hunt for a new backpack for a while. For any boss ladies who haven’t already: come over to the backpack side. It’s full of style and a distinct lack of back pain. Trust me, I used to be all about that cross-body bag, but since I tote my laptop everywhere with me, the two-strap life has saved my back in a major way!

Plus, how f*ckin’ cool would this baby look paired with a leather bomber jacket on my scooter? 😂

10. Airbnb Gift Card

Cost varies

I recently hosted my bachelorette in an oh-so-cute AirBnB cottage and came to realize: when you can splurge a bit on a well-designed AirBnB, it makes SUCH a difference. It’s such a delight! And it’s an indulgence you would rarely give yourself when you’re browsing the site for lodging options.

So an AirBnB gift card is the perfect gift to give anyone like me who travels often or has a lifelong case of wanderlust. With options for finding a cute place to stay almost anywhere in the world, it’s like giving the gift of adventure!

And if you haven’t already signed up for the service, get a $40 credit when you sign up for AirBnB via my link here.

What’s on Your Birthday Wishlist?

I’d love to see what gifts you’re drooling over this year in the comments below. And hey, maybe I’ll even add them to my wishlist while I’m at it! 😉

Disclaimer: I’m an emphatic fan of all the products and services detailed here, which is why I’m recommending them. That said, some of the offers above also include affiliate links, which means at no cost to you, I may earn money when you click through to make purchase.


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