Be Courageous | #MondayMotivation

Staying quiet and avoiding risks will help you stay safe and secure. But your real protection happens when you gather the courage to stand up and for what you want and need. Don’t let others tread on you. Be brave and be a boss! In the words of Elizabeth Cady Stanton: Here’s what’s up

Investing in Yourself is a Habit You Need to Build

At this point, it’s likely that you’ve read enough productivity advice or followed enough influencers on Linkedin to know how important it is to invest time and resources in your own professional development. The truth is, the skills you need to land a job are, in fact, totally different from th

The Single Biggest Mistake I’ve Seen Women Make at Work

Over my years in business, I’ve worked with a lot of women, I’ve managed a lot of women, I’ve promoted a lot of women, I am a woman. And the biggest mistake that I’ve seen women – and particularly younger women – make at work is…….. They kinda mistake it for school. Huh? You may [&he