Be Decisive | #MondayMotivation

Making decisions can bring success your way, especially in the midst of analysis paralysis. Having a solid plan and decisions lined up will make you less afraid of any obstacles in your path, so make up your mind today, boss!

Be Courageous | #MondayMotivation

Staying quiet and avoiding risks will help you stay safe and secure. But your real protection happens when you gather the courage to stand up and for what you want and need. Don’t let others tread on you. Be brave and be a boss! In the words of Elizabeth Cady Stanton: Here’s what’s up

Eyes on the Prize | #MondayMotivation

I know the world seems very uncertain right now, and sometimes the drumbeat of unsettling news can be so overwhelming it can paralyze you. But don't get stuck in the past. Create the healthy boundaries you need to stay focused on your future and the concrete actions you can take to move forward -

Just Ask | #MondayMotivation

If you don't ask for what you want and need, no one will ever know that they can get it for you. You never know who might be prepared to lift you up in their climb.

Take A Risk | #MondayMotivation

It’s easy to get comfortable living life, but when you get comfortable with the norm, you don’t reap the greatest rewards. Get uncomfortable and challenge yourself this week.  Take a risk to get you that next achievement. Take it from 2016 Summer Olympics Gymnast Dipa Karmakar: Here’s

Make It Happen | #MondayMotivation

Isn’t it great when opportunity and your goals align at the same time? However, this doesn’t happen as much as we’d like it to. In these cases, you must make your own opportunity like a boss. Be assertive. Make it happen. Heed these words from retired Army General Ann Dunwoody: He

Embrace the Adventure | #MondayMotivation

We’re kicking off the second week of the new year!  How’s 2017 treating you? Much of what the year holds is still unknown. The challenges we’ll face and the best moments we’ll encounter are yet to be seen. But don’t let this uncertainty paralyze you boss. Embrace the