Our Inaugural Boss of the Year Nominees!

With this month’s official launch of Bossed Up, we’re excited to recognize our inaugural Boss of the Year at our July 24 #LaunchLikeABoss Launch Party!

Throughout all of our training and coaching programs, we help women get after their boss life, across work, love and wellness, and so many of our community members have done just that! This award is our opportunity to showcase their achievements as a way to inspire each of us to continue pursuing  happy, healthy, and sustainable career paths we love.

We believe that being ‘a boss’ entails taking ownership of one’s life in the following ways:

  • defining success on our own terms across work, love, & wellness;
  • knowing our worth and daring to ask for more;
  • investing in our personal sustainability;
  • cultivating a community of courage, and;
  • harnessing the grit and agility to overcome fear.

We’re excited to present to you this year’s nominees for Bossed Up’s Boss of the Year below.

Who will be our winner? That’s up to YOU!

Tweet and/or Facebook post your vote for Boss of the Year by including the name of one of our nominees and #LaunchLikeABoss hashtag between now and midnight on July 23 to vote!

Meet Our 2014 Boss of The Year Nominees:

melissa_sanchez_headshotcirlceMelissa’s #LaunchLikeABoss Story: Epicurean Entrepreneur Creates Change from her Kitchen.


graycricleGray’s #LaunchLikeABoss Story: My Boss Congratulated Me for Negotiating


ebony_circleheadshotEbony’s #LaunchLikeABoss Story: Veteran Owns Her Voice to Expand Her Impact.


tiffany_circleheadshotTiffany’s #LaunchLikeABoss Story: The Value of Leaving an Old Goal Behind


Jessica-Stanley-Ross_circleJessica’s #LaunchLikeABoss Story: Emotional Agility: How to Be a Boss When Life’s A Bitch.


corinn_circleheadshotCorinn’s #LaunchLikeABoss Story: Progress on Nobody’s Timeline but Yours