life’s better when you’re a boss

Work, love, and wellness are connected.

It’s time to stop kidding ourselves: when something’s not right at home, or with our health, we don’t show up fully at work. The data points to the same conclusions: happier, healthier employees are better for the bottom line. Smart companies and workers know that investing in your personal wellbeing is an investment in your career.

Getting Bossed Up is about joining a community of growth.

Smart leaders never go it alone: we surround ourselves with people we love, trust, and can grow with. As a boss, we lift as we climb: we hold the door open for others to join us on our journey to living a boss life. We are deliberate about cultivating healthy relationships that support purpose-driven living.

We’re committed to research-based and results-oriented programs.

Our training is based on the latest social science, cognitive and behavioral psychology, and gender equity research. We develop and test our curriculum in conjunction with experts, professors, and an array of professionals and practitioners. We believe in testing every component of our methodology – and stand by our alum’s success after Bootcamp.

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Who We Are

Bossed Up is a community of ambitious women on the journey to living a Bossed Up life.

We bring a holistic approach to professional development by focusing on work, love, and wellness as equally important to sustainable success.

Through training and coaching, we support individual women and organizations that believe in unlocking our full potential as a part of the broader effort to close the gender leadership gap. To keep our bosses on the leadership track for the long haul, we must stop sprinting through life and start training for it like a marathon – this is living a bossed up life.


What We Do

We help women get Bossed Up through research-based training and one-on-one coaching focused on measurable progress towards achieving your goals. We’re here to help our bosses get clear on the Bossed Up lives they want and develop the skills and network to get there.

Through transformative training and coaching, we create safe identity workspaces where our bosses can tap into a community of courage and dare to define success on our own terms.


Why do we call our community members ‘bosses?’

Want to feel powerful? Do a powerpose and your brain chemistry actually triggers your emotional state to catch up to your physical one. The same thing goes for feeling like a boss: if you want to be a boss, start acting like one.

Cultivating a strong leadership identity is all about acting the way you want to feel.

At Bootcamp, we tap into our cognitive ability to shape our reality. Through mindfulness we become aware of the power of perception. Through visioning we focus on our purpose and set big audacious goals. Through assertive communication, we develop the skills to protect our rights and give ourselves permission to take care of our needs first. And this is just a small part of what we cover at our trainings.


Being a BOSS means…

  • defining success on our own terms across work, love, & wellness
  • knowing our worth and daring to ask for more
  • investing in our personal sustainability
  • cultivating a community of courage
  • harnessing the grit and agility to overcome fear


Our Team

Emilie Aries
Emilie Aries is the founder and CEO of Bossed Up, and sets the course for the company. Emilie manages our team, trainers, and coaches, and partners with industry experts to develop Bossed Up’s training curriculum.

Emilie has served as a digital strategist and grassroots organizer, with an array of online and offline political experience, including serving on behalf of multiple state-wide labor coalitions.

She earned her B.A. from Brown University and studied on Fellowship at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, during which time she studied women in politics, gender equity theory, and wrote extensively on the practical application of feminist theories to the everyday lives of women.
Previously, Aries served as the Rhode Island state director for Organizing for America and managed digital strategy for the Senate Democratic SuperPAC, MajorityPAC, working in some of the nation’s closest Senate races in 2012.

Have an idea for a Bossed Up partnership, speaking engagement, or custom training? Email Emilie.

Joy Haugen  has a passion for people and helping them live their best life possible, and does just that as the Director of Coaching & Curriculum Development for Bossed Up.

Graduating from Creighton University with a B.S. in Organizational and Interpersonal Communication with specialization in HR and Corporate Communication, she took a job in which she ventured around the country every six months, learning various aspects of the company.

Discovering her love for Washington D.C., she permanently settled in the city to lead a College Recruiting Program for MITRE, a non-profit systems engineering company. Hosting 200 interns each summer, Joy utilized her coaching skills to help young engineers navigate the workforce while maximizing and supporting the strategic goals of an organization by elevating current projects to the next level.

Due to her expertise in human relations, coaching and mentoring, program planning, talent development, leadership and organizational effectiveness, Joy loves discovering new ways to improve our collective efficiency by enabling each of us to reach our full potential.

Have a question about Bossed Up Coaching? Email Joy.


jillian_circleheadshotJillian Catoe  is Bossed Up’s Experience Architect. With an eye for connection, she is passionate about providing the tools to connect our Bossed Up community before, during and after Bootcamp through humanizing audience engagement, social marketing and developing a strong brand identity across digital media platforms.

When she is not capturing photos and sharing inspiration online, Jillian keeps us balanced with her passion for personal health and wellness.

A graduate of the University of Vermont, Jillian studied Communication Sciences & Disorders with a focus on Autism Intervention. She has led teams to develop and implement online brands, social media measurement programs, and large-scale campaigns for corporations and organizations.

Jillian’s commitment to mindful living and meaningful work makes her an essential member of the Bossed Up team.

Have a question about Bossed Up Bootcamp? Email Jillian.


emily_enos_circleheadshotEmily Enos  is Bossed Up’s Digital Ninja. Emily ensures that the content Bossed Up is providing to our digital community is tool-oriented, purposeful and engaging. She works closely with Jillian to plan campaigns, drive our digital media strategy, and create content to increase community engagement.

Emily is a graduate from the University of Michigan with a B.S. in Movement Science and a M.S. in Exercise Physiology from Eastern Michigan University. She was previously a strength and conditioning coach for Olympic sports at the University of Michigan Athletic Department and works for NACWAA, a nonprofit leadership organization empowering and advancing the success of women in college athletics.

Emily is a community relations professional with six years of experience across diverse industries including association/nonprofit, college athletics, private fitness and community health programs. Passionate about a holistic approach to career development, specifically helping professionals understand the importance of personal health and wellness in and outside of the workplace.

Emily is committed to living a healthy, wholehearted life and loves sharing this passion with others!

Have a question about Bossed Up’s online community? Email Emily.

elaine_circleheadshotElaine Mau is Bossed Up’s User Experience Designer. With a love for creativity and design, she’s focused on creating simple, intuitive, and engaging software that enables our bosses to get Bossed Up outside of Bootcamp.

Elaine graduated from Rutgers University with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and is an energy project management professional with four years of experience in managing several overseas capital projects from business case through engineering and procurement to construction.

An avid traveler, Elaine is passionate about living a happy, healthy, Bossed Up life. She’s never one to shy from adventure, and her past includes founding and leading a bubble tea start up as well as backpacking for months in Asia, the Caribbean, South America, and Europe.

Elaine is committed to owning the choices she makes in her career, relationships, and fitness, and, as a Bossed Up Bootcamp Alum, loves listening to and sharing these stories with her fellow bosses!

Have ideas about our software solutions to help you get Bossed Up? Email Elaine!

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